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  • One-wing gate
  • One-wing gate
  • One-wing gate
One-wing gateOne-wing gateOne-wing gateOne-wing gate

One-wing gate

Hot-dip galvanized then epoxy coated

Frame four pipes of Ф 40mm

Provide with: Lock with handle +2 unique keys Adjustable hinges Wire fence panel 100x55x4.0mm Lock Stop

2 gate posts of Ф 60mmthese are 50cm longer than the height of the gate


Galvanized and epoxy coated Frame four tubes of Ф 40mm

Provide withLock with handle +two unique keysadjustable hingelock stopwire fence panel 50x50x4.0mm

Two gate posts Φ60mmthese are 50cm longer than the height of the gate

Frame / Post: Round tube or square tube.


Post: Tube 60x60mm/2mm

Gate frame: dia: 40x40mm

Filling: welded mesh 100x50x4

Surface treatment: ZN+PVC(RAL6005/7016)

Prodcut details


Single Door GategRal 6005

Single Door GategRal 9005

  Single Door GateRal 7016


Single Door Gateg cmSingle Door Gateg cmSingle Door Gateg  
GG301 Single Door Gateg10012514
GG303 Single Door Gateg12012514
GG305 Single Door Gateg15012514
GG307 Single Door Gateg17012514
GG309 Single Door Gateg20012514
GG321 Single Door Gateg10012514
GG323 Single Door Gateg12012514
GG325 Single Door Gateg15012514
GG327 Single Door Gateg17012514
GG329 Single Door Gateg20012514
GG421 Single Door Gateg10012514
GG423 Single Door Gateg12012514
GG425 Single Door Gateg15012514
GG427 Single Door Gateg17012514
GG429 Single Door Gateg20012514


Mainly used in garden building, transport, breeding and machinery.


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