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China and Germany vow to deepen cooperation in several areas

Jul. 15, 2017

China and Germany have vowed to deepen their relationship in an increasingly uncertain global environment, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

"Considering the rising trend of protectionism, China and Germany should continue to consolidate mutual trust and strengthen bilateral cooperation to send positive signals of stability, cooperation and development to the world," said Premier Li.

Germany is Li's first stop on an official visit to Europe that comes amid growing concern in Germany over some of US President Donald Trump's policies, especially on climate change and protectionism.

China-Germany relations 'stable and mature'

China and Germany vow to deepen cooperation in several areas

Referring to Germany as China's most important partner in the EU, Li said that both countries have developed "stable and mature" relations.

"Last year, China exceeded to become Germany's biggest trading partner. We also have a number of people-to-people exchanges and have had regular diplomatic talks," he said.

Merkel said that Germany should expand the partnership with China in different areas at a time of global insecurity. She also mentioned that the EU will fulfill its obligations under Article 15 of the Protocol on China's Accession to the World Trade Organization

China and Germany vow to deepen cooperation in several areas

At a joint news conference, Li and Merkel said they wanted greater cooperation in manufacturing, energy, finance, aviation, culture and tourism.

Both countries have agreed to speed up negotiations on a China-EU investment agreement to further enhance cooperation.

China 'actively' promotes the Paris Agreement

China will "steadfastly" implement the Paris climate pact, Li said, urging others to do likewise as US President Donald Trump is due to announce on Thursday whether he will keep Washington in the deal.

"China will continue to implement promises made in the Paris Agreement, to move towards the 2030 goal step by step," Li said, adding it was standing by its international responsibilities and also setting national targets.

China and Germany vow to deepen cooperation in several areas

"Fighting climate change was a global consensus," he said, Of course, we also hope to do this in cooperation with others."

A White House official on Wednesday said the US was expected to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which is aimed at curbing global warming. But officials cautioned that details were still being finalized.

'Dialogue' and 'negotiation': key to DPRK nuclear issue

China and Germany vow to deepen cooperation in several areas

Speaking of the DPRK nuclear issue, Li said that China is a strong supporter for the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

"China has a very firm stance concerning the DPRK nuclear issue. We stick to our principles while looking for ways to address the issue through dialogue and diplomatic negotiations," he said.

"We are both ready to contribute to stability in the world," Li added, echoing comments by Merkel who said that China has become a more important and strategic partne.


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