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How To Build A Garden Arch?

Aug. 16, 2018

Looking for a garden feature that’s low cost and easy to assemble? Then this archway trellis is perfect for you. We made it from inexpensive steel “rebar” that you can find at any home center. Once the trellis is covered with climbing plants, the steel disappears and you have a dramatic entryway into your garden.

Our design, about 7 ft. high and 6 ft. wide, is made of two 20-ft. lengths of rebar that you bend into arches. You then simply join the arches with rebar circles, lashing them together with wraps of copper wire. No welding needed-and there’s no maintenance of the Metal Garden Arch. The materials for our trellis cost less than $25. For comparison, a welded metal or high-end vinyl trellis costs several hundred dollars.

You’ll need a few simple tools, including a conduit bender ($30) for tight curves and a hacksaw for cutting the bar to length. In the “fun-to-buy-tools”department, you may want to pick up an angle grinder ($50) and a metal-cutting blade for quicker rebar cuts. And don’t forget to buy a pair of heavy leather gloves to build the Garden Arch.

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Garden Arch


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