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How To Make A Wire Mesh Compositer, DIY Projects For Everyone!

Aug. 24, 2018

If you need a large compositer for your garden, then this Wire Mesh Garden Compositer is one of the easiest you can build. Basically, all you need to do is create a cylinder cage that will hold your compost. You can attach a cover if you want to keep animals out of it. It's portable, so you can move or place it anywhere in your yard with ease. It's a simple build that works simply!

The Hot Galvanized Garden Compositer is made of 4 panels of welded wire mesh panel, conected with small spiral or metal stake without other tools, easy to installation and storage, save your much time, make your countyard clean.

It's used in Garden, Yard, Square, Public and so on.

Recycle vegetable waste, leaves, grass cuttings and more into this Compositer Incinerator, and turn them into nutrient-rich soil for your flowers or vegetable garden.

Folds flat for easy storage.

Wire Mesh Garden Compositer


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