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Decorative Metal Garden Gates Maintenance

Sep. 05, 2018

Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance methods of the Decorative Metal Garden Gates:

1. Regular dust removal.

Outdoor dust is flying, and over time, iron dust will fall on the iron facilities. It affects the color of the Decorative Garden Gate , which in turn causes damage to the wrought iron protective film. Therefore, the outdoor iron facilities should be wiped regularly, and it is generally better to wipe with a soft software cotton fabric.

2, pay attention to moisture.

If it is just the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured that the rust resistance of the iron facilities. For example, in the foggy weather, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water drops on the wrought iron; if it rains, the water drops should be dried in time after the rain stops. Due to the acid rain in most parts of China in recent years, the rainwater left on the iron art should be dried immediately after the rain.

Decorative Metal Garden Gates


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