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How To Make A Garden Border Fence?

Aug. 30, 2018

Garden Border Fence provides a barrier between flower beds and the lawn, driveway, patio or walking paths, preventing foot traffic from disturbing plants. A wattle fence, made from flexible branches adds a rustic accent for your flower beds. Willow branches, alder and grapevines work well because of their flexibility, but you can use green branches and sapling wood as a substitute. The Border Fence should be no more than 24 inches tall, depending on the plant height in the flower bed, so the fence does not conceal the plants.

The Border Fence is also called a Metal fence net, which is a new type of wall network that is safe, beautiful, environmentally friendly and practical. According to the production process, it is generally divided into two types: frame type and mesh type. According to the demand, it can be roughly divided into highway fence network, garden community fence network, stadium fence network, workshop fence network, factory fence network, airport fence network, prison fence network, and breeding fence network.

Garden Border Fence


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