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Design Ideas of Climbing Plant

Jun. 09, 2018

With plants that have climbing or winding, planting, attachment, and attachment to various spatial structures is called vertical greening (also called three-dimensional greening). Mostly used in walls, balconies, windowsills, roofs, scaffolds, slopes, etc., Plant Support Ring can make full use of different site space, increase green coverage, and improve the living environment.

Garden plant support various forms are divided into five categories: traditional climbing style, bag style, swing pot type, modular type, cloth blanket type.

Garden Plant Support

The use of vines, such as adsorption, winding, etc., is used to cling to the wall or use a device for winding. It includes the following four methods.

1. Set the traction/climb frame 2. Natural climbing from bottom to top 3. Plant hanging from top to bottom 4. Setting up the base

Pendulum type: The use of containers to plant potted plants, directly placed on the balcony, windowsill, or hanging on the balcony, wall, fence, fence.

Modular: Modular components are used to grow plants, and they are fixed to stainless steel and other skeletons through reasonable overlapping or binding of various shapes and monolithic components to achieve wall greening effects.


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