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6 Features of Metal Garden Gate

Apr. 27, 2018

Metal garden gate is a kind of garden decorative gates. Do you know its features?

1 Safe and secure

The hardness of aluminum art materials can resist tensile force and large impact force. With its way of walking, it can be said that the stability is very high;

2 Corrosion resistance

The surface of the aluminum art courtyard door is tightly affixed with a hard aluminum oxide film, and after the fluorocarbon spray paint process, it has extremely excellent corrosion resistance and is durable;

3 Fluorocarbon spraying technology

The fluorocarbon spraying technology makes the surface finish of the aluminum art patio door even and glossy, the texture of the table paint is good, and it has good anti-ultraviolet light-proof ability and anti-exposure ability. The choices are various and you like;

Garden Decorative Gates

4 Exquisite elegance

The extremely humanistic atmosphere involves the carving of highly craftsmanship. The whole is more like a work of art. It is high-end but fashionable and elegant.

5 Practicality

Special process to form a permanent protective film, smooth and flat, never rust, easy to clean, no maintenance;

6 Comfort

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and create a comfortable and safe platform for you.


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