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Garden Compost Check Standard

Mar. 22, 2018

You may feel interested in garden composter. We have prepared the garden composter check standard for your reference. The quality of composting is a comprehensive indicator to identify the quality of compost. It can be judged based on its color, odor, straw hardness, compost leaching solution, compost volume, carbon-nitrogen ratio, and humicification coefficient.

Garden Composter

(1) Color. The composted straw turns brown or dark brown, has black juice at night, and has an ammonia odor. The ammonium nitrogen content has been significantly increased with ammonium reagent.

(2) Straw hardness, hand composting, soft and flexible when warm; dry, brittle, easily broken, organic material loses its elasticity.

(3) Composting leachate, take decomposed compost, add fresh water and stir (fat ratio 1:5-10), place 3-5 minutes, the leachate was pale yellow.

(4) The volume of composting is reduced by 2/3-1/2 when compared with that immediately after heaping.

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