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Make A Succulent Wreath at Home

Mar. 27, 2018

Spring comes, it is the season of succulent growth. This article share with us how to make a succulent wreath? You can finish different types of succulent wreath using specialty clamp rings. Such as clamp trees and clamp stars.

Production steps:

1, The water moss soaked in water to absorb enough water, while picking out the impurities, to ensure that there is enough water inside the moss to maintain moisture but not wet.

2, The sphagnum tiled in the wreath because the sphagnum is not fertile, but also need to add some slow-release fertilizer. Take the garland with a diameter of 23cm as an example, it takes about 10-20g slow-release fertilizer to slowly release nutrients with each watering, and it can last for about half a year and then continue to stuff sphagnum moss with iron rings.

Specialty Clamp Rings

3. Use a razor clam to open a hole in the sphagnum and stuff the flesh of the root and fill it with water.

4, Try to pick some more fleshy roots. Keep them one by one until you have completely filled the hoops. Fear of unstable meat can also be fixed gently with a wire. Remove the dust from the middle of the blade and lay flat for two weeks to one month. Wait until the roots of the fleshy root catch the moss and hang it or place it.

There are many kinds of specialty clamp rings to choose including clamp trees and clamp stars. Welcome contact to us.


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