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What Is A Home Garden?

Jun. 14, 2018

The so-called home garden is a small garden designed between the entrance door and the living room, which serves as a transitional connection between the entrance door and the living room. The decoration of the home garden can be brought into any home, regardless of floor, regardless of location, and you can enjoy the garden at home. At the same time, we can use some garden decoration tools to decorate the garden, such as Square Post, Garden Arch and others. So what should be considered for small-sized home gardens?

Garden Arch

1. The actual problem: Another major function of the entrance garden is the passage. If the crowdedness is not only inconvenient to walk, it is difficult to match with the layout of your home.

2. Professional issues: Home gardens have high requirements for the environment and area. When designing home gardens, they must first consider their feasibility. Generally, they should choose to decorate in the appropriate corners.

3. Hydroelectricity issues: The wet landscape of the home garden is the most important one in construction. It is the waterproof engineering and the hydropower layout. To do a good job on the ground, the waterproof layer is very important.

4. Health problems: If you want to grow plants, you need thicker soil layers for growth needs. In addition, wet landscape water is likely to breed bacteria and attract mosquitoes because it is difficult to automatically circulate. Therefore, special attention should be paid in sanitation.


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