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What is Plant Growing Spiral?

Feb. 12, 2018

Plant growing spiral is a metal mesh and wire welded together, which inside the galvanized pvc, plants climbing above. The other wall is no longer monotonous white but green plants walls, covered with flowers of various colors and another Indoor and outdoor air fresh, so that the owner's vision a new look. Galvanized Growing Spiral can be seen commonly.

Climbing frame size 1.2 m * 2.4 m .5 cm thick, can also be customized. Climbing frame color is generally black, green and white can also be based on customer preferences spraying different colors.

As a new type of garden building products, Galvanized Growing Spiral is mainly for garden construction, garden greening, indoor screens, rockery, low wall greening, and a variety of art fence. Features of galvanized growing spiral: with beautiful appearance, durable, easy installation, simple operation. YIFENGYUAN is China Growing Spiral Supplier. Contact us now.

Galvanized Growing Spiral


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