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Will You Use Metal Garden Border Fence?

Jun. 21, 2018

The fence is mainly a wall that surrounds the building.

Almost all important building materials can be used to build wall materials: wood, stone, brick, concrete, metal materials, bamboo, plastics, polymer materials, and even glass.

The wall has a dual role: on the one hand, as an external maintenance structure of a building, it is necessary to provide sufficiently excellent waterproof, windproof, thermal insulation and heat insulation performances. Provide protection for the indoor environment. On the other hand, walls are an important means of dividing space and cutting off people flow. In terms of practical functions, it acts as a defensive and separation safety function.

Border Fence

Metal border fence features are below. Will you use metal garden border fence?

1. Using steel as a material, there are several sections, the surface smooth, tough and easy to bend is not easy to break, the disadvantage is to paint once in 2-3 years.

2. Cast iron as a material, can do a variety of patterns, the advantage is not easy to rust and the price is not high, the disadvantage is that the brittleness and smoothness is not enough.

3. Wrought iron, cast aluminum materials. High quality and high price, local floral decoration or indoor use.

4. A variety of metal mesh materials, such as galvanized, plastic coated lead wire mesh, aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh.

Iron railings are the most common and practical.

The advantage is that there are many kinds of European and simple lines, especially in the form of variegated shadows in the sun, all kinds of ideas are very easy to achieve. And the firmness is also very good.


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